Mike is a man of many talents and interests. His mother is from Queens, New York, and his father is from South Central California, thus he got to experience a wide variety of ethnic foods while growing up in South Gate, California. Mike's Nonna, an Italian immigrant from Bologna, introduced him to the city's extensive culinary heritage, planting the seed for a lifetime interest in the kitchen.

Mike helped his father run their car shop, which had a stainless steel kitchen, for almost 35 years. Customers ranging from cops and firemen to municipal workers and the homeless were fed delicious Italian fare at this shop. Mike's already strong desire to work in the food industry was reinforced by this.

His other Nonna, who was born in Sicily and taught him about the cuisine of Northern Italy, shaped Mike's perspective on the cultural differences between the regions of Italy. Mike followed his heart and struck out on his own as "Mikey B." He wanted to spread the joy of authentic Italian cuisine, so he began selling his own marinara sauce in jars. His reputation spreads quickly by word of mouth, and now he regularly provides satisfied customers with authentic Italian cuisine right in their own homes.