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Penne or Spaghetti with Marinara or Arrabbiata

Penne or Spaghetti with Marinara or Arrabbiata

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A delectable catering platter including penne or spaghetti arrabiata combined with Marinara sauce, luscious meatballs, and savory Italian sausage is our distinctive product. We also offer the option of adding our fiery and tasty spicy arrabbiata sauce for those who want a kick of fire.

Enjoy the rich and powerful flavor of our pasta meals, which are expertly cooked to al dente perfection. Our arrabiata sauce, with its spicy overtones and brilliant red hue, gives a fun variation to conventional Marinara sauce. The harmonious balance of acidic tomatoes, fragrant herbs, and a hint of fire will excite your taste senses.

We have skillfully designed our meatballs and Italian sausage to heighten the experience, ensuring that every bite is packed with authentic Italian flavors. The soft and flavorful meatballs are produced using a blend of premium ground meats and secret spices. The smokey and aromatic flavor of the Italian sausage gives a delightful depth to the dish.
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